Plenty of Fish Costs: Free v. Paid Membership

Plenty of Fish Costs: Free v. Paid Membership

If you don’t wish to pay money to an online dating website, you’re in luck with Plenty of Fish

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  • Login points

The more you log-in to your profile at Plenty of Fish, the more points you will accumulate each time you are on the website. Each time you login to your account, these points are automatically added and can be used to purchase virtual gifts or icebreakers. If you decide to buy gifts with your login points, they will not be displayed on your profile but you will instead be notified of your purchase by e-mail. تحميل لعبة طاولة 31 للكمبيوتر

If you don’t wish to pay money to an online dating website, you’re in luck with Plenty of Fish

  • Testimonials

If you have been added as a favorite of another user, they may choose to write a testimonial about you talking about your time together, your personality, and your attributes. You can also write testimonials about any users who you add to your own favorites list. If you’re not happy or are wary of any testimonial that is written about you and appears on your profile, you do have the option to remove it. After you write and publish a testimonial about another user, you can always edit it later or even delete it if you are unhappy with what you have written about the user in the past.

If you don’t wish to pay money to an online dating website, you’re in luck with Plenty of Fish

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  • Roses

Another unique and interesting feature of Plenty of Fish is that each member gets two virtual roses when they sign-up to the website. You can only have two roses at a time and if you send one to another member, regardless if they are male or female, then you will have to wait a total of one month before you receive another rose. It’s important then to be careful and choose wisely as to which person you give your two roses too because you have a very limited supply and you won’t be able to re-stock as easily as you would like to.

Gender-Specific Features

When it comes to certain features, they may only be accessible to you depending on whether you are a man or woman. Users of a certain gender will have access to specific features but the other gender will not. For example, men can access a list of female members who are cited as being the Hottest Girls’ based on their ratings and how often they respond to messages from potential suitors. Women also have access to a specific feature just for them known as Most Attracted which highlights those men who have the highest chance of being attracted to them based on their profile, answers to questions, and personal attributes. سباق الرالي

Lastly, Plenty of Fish also come with general features that are popular across a wide spectrum of dating sites that can be access by all members. These general features include a chat option, discussion forums, meet me’, and a mobile application for iPhone, Android, and other mobile phone operators. Given these wealth of features that can be used by both free and paid members, it’s easy to see why Plenty of Fish is the 2 nd most popular dating website in the world.

With a free membership, you can still have full access to all parts of the site. You can search for other members; view your testimonials, your favorite members, and the messages you have exchanged with other members in the past. رياضة البولينج However, in order to get the full experience of Plenty of Fish, it would be best to upgrade to a paid membership especially if you take online dating seriously. When you upgrade, a paid member gets access to highlighted profile results when they search for like-minded members.