Really moms and dads considered that building the fresh parent-adolescent relationships could also help in keeping their child safer

Really moms and dads considered that building the fresh parent-adolescent relationships could also help in keeping their child safer

However, a parent-oriented sexual risk choices input grounded regarding the social constructs from familismo could also utilize texts how teenage participation during the chance practices have bad outcomes not merely for the adolescent, but also for the larger family system

A major theme to help you emerge from the focus groups is Kansas City escort reviews actually the new complications of parenting adolescents during the a decreased-income, urban community. Every moms and dads on interest organizations were conscious that the internal-city environments of one’s south Bronx showed book risks for their teens. Although not, in the event parents shown anxiety about the risks posed on the adolescents, almost all conveyed confidence within their ability to invoke parenting methods made to keep kids protected from harm. Each other Dominican and you will Puerto Rican mothers described the way they tracked and you can tracked the adolescents’ whereabouts, behavior, and you can colleagues. Teenagers, for their region, seemed shorter worried about the risks exhibited from the located in the fresh inner-city. not, those individuals teenagers exactly who discussed risks regarding the “the street” as well as conveyed count on one to its mothers you are going to enact specific habits in order to have them safer.

Inattention towards diversity from Latino subgroups and you may parenting appearances you may inadvertently perpetuate an unfinished understanding of moms and dad-teenage matchmaking within the Latino family members. Inspite of the cultural heterogeneity out of Latina moms and dads and you will adolescents about attract teams, the outcome of one’s investigation point to templates common of the Dominican and you can Puerto Rican people instead of in order to templates unique so you’re able to for each subgroup. As the societies of the two groups differ, the fresh new Dominican and you may Puerto Rican parents and you will kids within our try had comparable viewpoints about energetic tricks for raising college students within the a good low-earnings, metropolitan environment. Our very own look means that new fellow member household face comparable parenting pressures because a function of residing in a metropolitan, resource-bad people which this type of mutual challenges will get unknown some social variations one to if you don’t might appear a great deal more prominent anywhere between both of these organizations.

The fresh concurrence regarding answers out-of parenting practices off parents and teens is notable. Having less variability inside responses can be attributable to numerous things. It will be possible you to young teenagers try faster able to reflecting fairly on the viewpoints from most readily useful otherwise active child-rearing habits, and that just describe whatever they discover using their own relatives knowledge of child-rearing practices. It is possible the common ecosystem has actually resulted in equivalent opinions one of moms and dads and you will teenagers out-of energetic parenting.

Eg, old-fashioned mother-founded interventions to end teenage chance practices such as for example premature intimate intercourse usually concentrate on the bad outcomes out of enacting the latest decisions at the private peak (for example, mothers is to display messages concerning negative outcomes out-of unintended maternity and you will intimately sent disorder)

The outcomes demonstrated here render a rich dysfunction of the child-rearing techniques out of Dominican and Puerto Rican household inside good northeastern urban setting. The reader is recommended so you can cautiously pertain these findings in order to Latino household remaining in various areas of the world. Given the study’s manage moms and dads and teens, the fresh role of fathers wasn’t explicitly felt. We admit the possibility that dads in the antique Latino properties may imagine different child-rearing spots than simply mothers, and that this study wasn’t in a position to simply take. The mom-teenage sets was employed about same secondary school regarding southern area Bronx, New york. All the users lived in economically disadvantaged urban areas, which ilies living on the United states. The findings failed to recommend major Latino subgroup differences. Dominican and you will Puerto Rican mom-teenage pairs presented far more parallels than differences, and you will family set greater emphasis on hazards associated with the child-rearing in the context of their area. We all know out-of couples training that have meticulously evaluated the new child-rearing facts of the two groups.

The results of your studies suggest several new instructions getting social work practice, research, additionally the advancement and you may comparison out-of parent-founded intervention programs. Our very own conclusions stress the importance of integrating Latino social constructs to the authoritative varieties of child-rearing in order to portray much more accurately the fresh child-rearing conclusion off Latino household. We suggest shaping the brand new parenting dimensions of demandingness and you may responsiveness during the terms of the new Latino principles off familismo, respeto, personalismo, simpatia, plus the intercourse character differentiations of machismo and marianismo. Like integration lets in earlier times misclassified Latino parenting practices become finest knew within bigger child-rearing style buildings. Societal specialists coping with Latino family members or developing household members-based interventions getting Latino moms and dads normally appeal to the latest vintage dimensions from demandingness and you may responsiveness, nonetheless they will be more successful because of the grounding particularly interventions in this type of key constructs.